Saturday, May 31, 2008

My hero

Computer geek
Ceiling fan installer

Monday, May 26, 2008

Poor old dog

big, old, arthritic dog

in a laundry basket

at bedtime

how did he get in there?

nobody knows

how will he get out?

nobody knows

Toe painting party

pretty pretty toenails

one shimmer blue

one gold glitter

one poppy love

pretty pretty toenails

Windy day

We had 2 VERY windy days in Corcoran this week.

Windy day

So Steve and the girls took a few minutes before we left for school to
fly some parachutes.

Wii r not fit

Got wii fit this week and it told us we are an overweight family
(nothing new there). We also were told our physical age.
Steve 50
Lisa 35
Rachel 7
Nicole 19
But we are working hard to bring down our incredibly high BMI's.