Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Small dogs =small bladders

Coco is almost 2, but he still can't make it through the night without
at least 2 bathroom breaks. So, we finally invested in a crate, so he
will now tell us when he has to go. Of course he doesn't take a quick
break outside, so that I can get back to sleep. Noooo, he has to
perform surveillance around the perimeter of the yard first. It is a
15 minute trip minimum. Did I mention that is twice a night.
Someone remind me next time I pick out a dog, no more small dogs with
small bladders.

It wasn't me.

Fall organization project

This is where the coatrack used to be. It wasn't a very useful or effective way to have jackets and sweatshirts easily accessible or organized, plus it was an ugly site to have be the first view of any visitors to our hourse. So it was removed to Steve's office at school when I did the floor this summer. The girls still have hooks in the hallway and shelves in their closet, but somehow, their stuff always ends up on the floor in the hallway or closet. SOOO, on Saturday, when I made a very rare visit to Pier 1, this drawer set caught my eye. So, on Sunday I went back to get it. It is already full of sweatshirts and sweaters. Soon we will add hats and mittens.

Notice I also added the leaf bowl on top that Rachel picked out to give the hall an autumny feel.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us!(yesterday)

What a happy couple! Has it only been 12 years? He says. It seems


Need I say more

Candy extravaganza

An innocent trip to a new theater in search of Fly Me To The Moon in 3-
D, led to the discovery of a most devious candy store. Thank goodness
it's in a part of Clovis we don't frequent regularly, at least until
now. They sucked Steve and the girls in with a Willie Wonka video
playing in the back, the soundtrack pumping across the
sound system, and Wonka Bars (I've got a golden ticket). Me, all I needed was the smell of chocolate.

Here it is